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Motorbike Club in North Cornwall

Moorlanders MCC Patch

Welcome to the website of Moorlanders MCC - the family friendly motorcycle club in North Cornwall that holds the Easter Egg Run each year.

Moorlanders MCC 2016

With another successful Egg Run held back in March, we move on to a summer of motorcycling events and activities for Moorlanders MCC.

At our AGM in April, out-going Chairman Alan Howells handed the handlebars of the Club over to Dave Carloss, who's trusty leadership is guiding us through this year.

As well as attending charity rides and rallies, we've been visiting the childrens' schools and care homes supported by our Egg Run, making donations totalling £3,500.

Moorlanders MCC donate £1,000 to Camelford ARB children's class

Moorlanders MCC presenting a cheque for £1,000 to Polzeath Class, the learning support centre in Camelford.

Moorlanders MCC donation to Little Harbour, Children's Hospice South WestMoorlanders MCC presenting a cheque for £750 to Little Harbour, Children's Hospice South West.

Moorlanders MCC donate £1,000 to St Stephen's Launceston learning support centre

Moorlanders MCC presenting £1,000 to Class 7, the ARB at St Stephen's Community Academy, Launceston.



We will be at Action for Children's Young Carer's Day this summer to present them with their donation.


Moorlanders Motorcycle Club Summer 2016

Here's some of the motorcycle rideouts, rallies and events in Cornwall and Devon that we enjoyed:

Meet at Cornwall Services on the A30 At a rally
Bideford Bike Show 2016 Bideford Bike Show 2016
Supporting Widows Sons South West at Amber's Angels Trust Moorlanders MCC ride to the Chequered Flag cafe
Launceston Steam Fair Moorlanders MCC stand Launceston Steam Fair Moorlanders MCC riding in the ring
Moorlanders MCC at the Launceston Steam Rally Moorlanders MCC at the Launceston Steam Rally
Welcoming new member John Martin to Moorlanders MCC Moorlanders MCC ride to Plymouth Bike Show


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Events coming up:

See our calendar for what's on :)

If you'd like to meet us - please give us a shout first, to find out our start point or plans - beth@moorlandersmcc.co.uk

We're a small, local, family, fun-oriented and charity minded motorcycle club.

We've a wide range of ages and experience amongst our bikers, and we ride to the comfort level of all.

The next Egg Run will be on

16th April 2017

Easter Sunday

Moorlanders MCC current patch

Moorlanders MCC original patch

Here's some links to a few of our events in the past:                                                   
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CMCC Classic Bike Show MAG Devon Yer Tiz Rally 2012 MAG Action Now EU Protest Ride

Moorlanders MCC is a family friendly, charity based motorcycle club
meeting on Bodmin Moor in North Cornwall