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Moorlanders MCC Patch

Moorlanders MCC is an active motorcycle club in North Cornwall.  Here are some of our photo albums and videos from the charity runs and local rideouts we've enjoyed.

Moorlanders MCC on The Mermaid Run, March 2015

The Mermaid Run 2015

Moorlanders MCC on MAG Action Now Ride

MAG Action Now Run

Moorlanders MCC Summer 2014

Summer 2014

CMCC Classic Bike Show

CMCC Classic Bike Show

Ural Rally Day

Ural Rally Day 2013

Yer Tiz Rally 2011

Moorlanders Egg Run 2014 Facebook Album

Moorlanders Egg Run 2013 Facebook Album

Moorlanders Egg Run 2012 Facebook Album

Moorlanders Egg Run 2011 Facebook Album




Egg Run 2011

Egg Run 2012

Egg Run 2013

Egg Run 2014

Hobby Mounts Egg Run 2014 GoPro Edition


Consent by individuals to appear in the collection of photographs and videos on this website was either given verbally or assumed under reasonable grounds at the time.  If you wish us to remove an item, please contact me beth@moorlandersmcc.co.uk